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      Unlikely as it is now with the advent of Cross Rail, it would be a case deja vu if tramcars ever return to the Uxbridge Road.  Ken Livingstone promoted a project in the early 2000s to resurrect a tram route from London through to Uxbridge, but this was subsequently rejected by bureaucrats of the day. Once upon a time Hanwell Broadway had it's own Tram Depot.  Service 7 fed Shepherds Bush westwards though Ealing, Hanwell to Southall.  As a Baby- boomer, I have a vague memory of travelling on what must have been one of the last local West London trams because the route closed in the early 1950s. The Trolleybus route 607 replaced trams on the Uxbridge Road route and the tram rails were removed and, for power, the electric Trolleybus used a system of dual overhead wires and complex network at road junctions.  Eventually electricity gave way to diesel and trolleybuses disappeared from our streets.   Hanwell London Transport Garage was built to house Trams and then Trolleybuses.  Since then it was used as a bus garage for diesels before being demolished in favour of a supermarket. I remember the garage having a rear entrance via a road off the Boston Road.  This was so that vehicles would be facing the correct way when starting their shift. Branch line that survived the Beeching axe!   GWR branch serving Ealing Broadway through to Greenford.  Until 1948 the line went even further to Northolt Halt. Push & Pull was the name given to the train which was made up of a single autocoach observation carriage hauled by a steam tank engine.     There was no run-around siding at either terminus hence the name.      Eventually as with all steam, the train gave way to diesel and was operated by a 'Bubble Car' diesel railcar     The service is currently operated to Paddington with one or at peak times two ‘modern’ DMU cars but with the advent of the ‘Cross Rail’ project who knows for how long!     
Greenford Push and Pull Steam Train
  Push & Pull Poem (Link)
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