John Dickinson Apsley
John Dickinson Grand Union Canal at Apsley John Dickinson Apsley Paper Mill
John   Dickinson   set   up   his   paper   factory   in   Apsley   just   outside Hemel    Hempstead    taking    advantage    of    the    rivers    Gade    and Bulbourne in paper manufacturing and driving machinery.
John   Dickinson   was   the   major   employer   of   the   area   and   many   can   recount   it's   history at   first   hand,   or   with   film   and   photographs.    I   visited   an   older   part   of   the   JD   complex   in the   early   1980's   and   it   had   still   retained   much   of   it's   character   from   a   century   earlier.  The   extensive   rabbit   warren   of   a   site   was   bulldozed   and   given   over   to   the   Kings   Lock riverside   homes   development   and Apsley   Retail   Park.    There   is   an   excellent   heritage Paper   Trail   around   Frogmore   Mill, Apsley,   but   the   original   JD   group   has   long   gone   to other locations throughout the UK and world-wide. 
I     expect     many     of     the     baby-boomer     generation remember   being   made   to   write   to   'Auntie   and   Uncle' using   Lion   Brand   ruled   notepaper,   then   progressing   to Basildon    Bond    without    ruled    lines    after    mastering joined-up writing?! 
John    Dickinson    Stationery    was    purchased    from    Dickinson    Robinson    Group    DRG    by Hamelin,   a   major   stationery   manufacturer   based   in   Caen,   France.      More   recently   John Dickinson   Stationery   was   re-branded   under   Hamelin   and   the   business   relocated   to   a purpose   built   Head   Office   and   Distribution   Centre   at   Red   Lodge   in   Suffolk.      Groupe Hamelin   joined   with   its   other   brands   to   form   ‘Hamelin   Brands’   and   still   produces   stationery under   the   name   John   Dickinson.   Basildon   Bond   is   also   available   so   it   is   not   too   late   to write that letter to auntie and uncle!