The Busy Bee was an out of town Transport Café popular with Rockers and swamped by motorcycles in the evening.  Situated on the Watford bypass, the Busy Bee became the Beehive Hotel and subsequently the Hilton National.  There was a rumour that a 'mod' strayed off course into the Busy Bee for a cuppa only to later find that his scooter had been 'accidentally' consigned to Carlisle under a tarpaulin on the back of a flat-bed truck. The Busy Bee Motorcycle Club has been in existence since 1994 and includes members from some of the original “Cowboys” of the “Busy Bee”.  
Notorious Rockers café at Stonebridge Park, Wembley.  Motorcyclists used to hold 'time trials' between the 'Ace' and 'Neasden Roundabout' on the North Circular Road sometimes using a record playing on the jukebox as a timer! The Ace gave way to a Fast Fit Tyre bay and the roundabout at Neasden was removed to cope with today's heavy traffic.  The Ace has now been restored to it's rightful former glory as a motorcycle café venue. In addition to marking its 80th year in 2018, the Ace has international recognition.      _________________________________
The ‘59’ was a ton-up Vicar's youth club in Hackney.  Attracted many followers from the 'Ace'. Managed by the late Rev. Bill Shergold, the club is affectionately known by London riders as 'The Vic's Caff'!". The 59 Club badge soon became an icon of the 1960’s youth culture that has continued to this day.  
The Lady Margaret Cafe (site of)
One   of   the   local   haunts   of   the   60s   for Greenford   and   Northolt   bikers   was   the Lady   Margaret   Café   at   the   Greenford end of the Lady Margaret Road. It had a jukebox     and     an     early     Italian     frothy coffee   machine   ably   operated   by   Roy the    proprietor.        I    remember    a    real character    called    Johnny    Evans    who used   to   sing   along   with   the   hits   of   the day.   ( Click   here   for   example   from   era )   Johnny   also   used   to   arrange   trips   out   in his   old   classic   cars   to   the   seaside   or other bikers’ meeting places.